question about different versions of blender

Hi Folks

having a blast learning my way around blender
I am having a little trouble with things not working quite the way the tutorials I’m using say they should. Of course many of the tutorial are written for older versions, I’m using 2.49a.
Wondering if that’s the cause.
At the moment I’m trying to figure out why, I think all, of the tutorials say after I insert an object into a scene I should be left in edit mode, I’m not, I’m in object mode. The problem is the next thing they tell you to do counts on you being in object mode which I’m not. Is this caused by 2.49 being different than older versions or is something else going on? I reloaded the factory defaults to clear anything I might have messed up.

I’m using 2.49a 64 bit on openSuse


Hi dobbins

Yes you will find that some older tutorials have different button layouts and default ways of doing things. That is one of the many pleasures of learning blender.
What you need to do is look in the User Preferences and go into Edit Methods. There you will find a button which says switch to edit mode. I think this buttons default state has changed in an earlier version after the tutorial you are working on.
To get to User Preferences either drag down the top header or click on the window type button in any window and change it to the big black i
If you want to save the new default press Ctrl U to save user defaults.

Happy blending


of all the nice tutorials I’ve run across I still haven’t found one explaining all the User Preferences :spin:


It’s quite nicely explained in the wiki manual, in case you haven’t found it yet.

so much to learn
so little time