Question about dupliGroups


I used dupliGroups in one of my models, and I noticed something kind of weird:

  • I’ve got a group which contains a cube, and this cube is the child of an empty (the empty isn’t in the group)
  • then I’ve got another empty that duplicates the group with the dupliGroup attribute
    -> when I scale (or move or rotate) the parent of the cube, the transformation also affects the duplicated cube… whereas this parent isn’t in the group.

Is this normal?
Shouldn’t dupliGroup duplicate the cube before its parent transformes it?
I guess this is normal, so is there a way to use dupliGroup on an object and then to tranform it with a parented empty, but without any impact on previously duplicated entries?


Yes it is normal, works as it should. Check this: (scroll down to Group duplicators)

Thanks for your link Myn.pheos! This clears things up.
I guess a solution would be to define objects and groups in another layer and then to only use them with transformed dupliGroups in my rendered layer…