Question about earing money on games

hi might sound like a dumb question budt if i make a video game and find free 3d models on the internet and use them in my own game am i allowed to make money on that game then ??

Depends on the specific licensing of each model, as “free” in the terms you put it I imagine means “money-free”, not necessarily “copyright-free”. Some licenses allow commercial use, some don’t, some do but on certain conditions, some require accreditation, etc. You should check for the specific license of each asset. Probably your best chance to find true CC0 assets is blendswap I guess, but bare in mind not all content there is free for commercial use either though. Most sites with free asset downloads show the license in some place, or include a “license.txt” file along with the download for further clarification. If in doubt you can always try contacting the authors and requesting permission or talk conditions with them.

okey thank you :slight_smile:

yeah as they said, there are tons of assets online that can be used for games, some free and some paid, just have to look. Will say can be used for commercial or royalty free I believe. Yeah definitely many people buy assets for making their games!