question about easing methods

I have I question. Is there a way to easily animate easing in blender like in After effects using this plugin ?:

That would be very useful. The graph editor isn’t fast and flexible enough.
This plugin uses math functions like quadratic easing, exponential easing and so on.
Is there a possibility to make some kind of plugin for blender ?
It would be very nice for animating objects and shape keys.

Like After Effects, Blender supports both a dopesheet and a graph editor for fine tuning animation curves. By default the interpolation of the bezier curves is set to ease in and out. You can change this to linear under User Preferences\Editing TAB New F-Curve Default. Then Blender will behave a bit more like After Effects. If you are getting slow performance in the Graph Editor try clicking the little Arrow icon along the Graph Editor tool bar. This will make the Graph Editor only display the animation for the selected object, not all objects in the scene which can be messy and or slow if you have a big scene and a low-end system. Blender’s Graph Editor is just as Fast and Flexible as After Effects (I use both). For instance, add a single keyframe to the default cube and then bring up the Graph Editor. Press the N-Key to reveal the numeric input which is where the f-curve modifers can be set. Add a Function modifier and set the restrict range and Blender will make additional f-curve data, like Ease and Whiz, from a single keyframe. You just got to play with it. Another approach is to add python code to drive any given field, like After Effects expressions.


Thank’s for the tip. I’ll have to look in to it a bit more.
Buy wouldn’t it be great to set two key frames and click ease expo in and out like in ease and wiz ? or like in the flash plugin tweenLite.
Few simple functions and it could make life easier :slight_smile: (or maybe it isn’t so easy to do?).
If I could code maybe I would make such script… Unfortunatelly learning python isn’t for me (lot’s of reasons).

Frankly I find Ease and Whiz makes a mess of my After EFfects timeline. It also slows down After Effects if you use it on a lot of layers. Kind of like SureTarget camera as well. After Effects expressions are interpreted on-the-fly every time the frame changes.

New users often want Blender to work like other apps, but you will get more joy and work done if you just use it as is.

You can, of course, use the animators trick of overshoot then return to goal in BLender, which is what Ease and Whiz try’s to emulate. You need three keyframes instead of two.