Question about edge on realtime model

Ok I was looking at some other games made by blender with this and I just about got it but my big problem is getting the inner object to show through the other one thats supposed to be the outline.

Here’s what I have done.
Made my character
Tave it a texture
Tuplicated it
Tattened the duplicate
Took away the texture on the duplicate and changed the vertex color to black
Gave the duplicate a material of black

And thats it I have know idea what to do next, can somone tell me the trick.

is your keyboard working?

ok, here is how I would (and have) do/done it

shift+d (duplicate) your object out of edit mode
enter edit mode
select everything (a key)
flip normals (in w key specials menu)
scale by normals (alt +s) to get your outline
exit edit mode
enter face mode (f key)
select all faces (a key)
make pressed only the Opaque button
set the color to black (or whatever you want your outline to be)
press the copy VertCol button
press the copy DrawMode button
exit face mode

if you wish to have only one mesh, select the original and your dupicate (original last, make it bright pink) and press control+j

Alright thanks I didn’t flip the normals.