question about ends of cylinder faces

Hi All,
I was following a tut and my instructors end cap of the cylinder object was a divided fan. His would do this upon
Add>New Mesh>Cylinder His face count was 32 and it was an older version. I am in v2.71 and I only have fan, Noon? and None I think it is.
This is a screen grab where his had a loop on the end already upon adding it. What setup is he using to get that upon add?

I guess that video is from a Blender version prior to 2.63, when BMesh was introduced. Before that Blender could not handle n-gons (polygons with more than 4 vertices), so filling up that end cap was only possible with a triangle fan. In current Blender version you have three option for filling that end cap: None, n-gon (default) and triangle fan. Just change that in the tool properties area or the (identical) F6 floating window:

Ikarai Thanks F6 to set default appreciate it. Hope all is well on your end.

EDIT- he was also quickly using " I " to add and inset loop which appeared already to go from the vid.BTW