question about explosions

Hi all
blender newbie here
im trying to make an explosion that interacts with other objects
i know (i think i should say) that this is done with a combo of the particle system and the explode modifier
when i press atl+a the object blows up but has no effect on the other parts in the scene
when i press P just the animation happens no boom :frowning:

i tried searching but i havnt found the answer
any tips on what i could be missing
im assuming its something simple

i read the explode modifier article in docs but i didnt see where it shows how to add force to the explosion

thanks a lot
you guys helped me a lot so far
searching usually answers my questions but i cant find it :frowning:

ETA: im not worried about the visualization i can figure that out later
a lot of tuts on how to model that online

explosion modifier isnt that advanced, it breaks objects into parts and moves them. for it to effect other items that would take a very complicated script. in other words you are not going to get that to happen. and p isnt how you see an animation you have to render it, (render animation)

ah yeah i said that wrong i meant P as starting the game simulation
then after thats saved then i render (ctrl+f12 i think)

i didnt want the force to crack another mesh just move it with force (i saw the thread for crackme looks cool too) like if an explosive force in a room with 4 walls that it knocks the walls down or blow them outwards
but id need a script for that too?

thanks again :slight_smile: