Question about filling faces (F-key) New question!

Hello. Sorry(again) my english, I try to make my best this time :slight_smile:

I modelled one logo couple of days ago. But I did the modelling with one vertice and - of course - You need to make faces if you want to see somethnig in final render! I selected all [A-key] and then pressed F-key. And that was mistake. Now I have been selected 3 or 4 vertice and pressed F. That works but it is so straining and there are maybe a thousand or more vertice!

So my question is, that is there any easier way?

P.s I tried to press about 20 vertice and pree F. Then my blender starts whinin about fgons. What the … is fgon!?

There are 2370 vertices

I accidentally filled wrong vertices(see picture) And there was no more steps to undo. How I can select some of those vertices off that face. I thin k you understand what I mean
Thanks already :slight_smile:


F-gons are, I will say, a visual simulation of what n-gons are. N-gons are faces with more vertices than 3 or 4. It’s well explained in Blenderart Magazine #6.

Try to fill your logo with Shift-F - this way you will make faces with triangles.

Maybe it it will work with your mesh.

After that you canme change it to f-gons with F key.
F key again to comback to normal faces. (They must be selected)

Shift F didn´t work… But thanks anyway!

To remove the face - select the face, pess x and sellect remove face.

To sellect a face you can sellect all vertices that make that face or go to the face select mode with ctrl+tab (in edit mode).

Thanks alot! I knew that But I somehow couldn´t even think that that will work for this kinda situation :slight_smile:

actually, I like to make faces by hands. It need patience but its funny :smiley: Thanks nebular for advice

Why don’t you try bézier curves?
From what I’ve seen of your logo, curves will be tons better!

I tried curves but i really started to hate them. seriously. They are really evil for me. I feel despised when I´m near them :slight_smile:

anyway, here is what I got! I tried to make that feeling that this work is made by hands, you know

Tell me what you think of it!

and ten points to him who knows whose logo this is


charlesworth is right - using curves would be best - i know what you’re saying about them though as i was like that when i first started using them. But if you can get past that frustrating stage you’ll never look back - it’s quicker, smoother and easier to adjust.

Haha, everyone hates curves when they first try 'em, believe me :smiley:
I picked up on them after 5 minutes of playing with them, so I don’t have any complaints.
Try this url for more tips on using curves:

I like the logo. It makes me think of those Asian flower drawings… no idea what it’s for though.

I love Opeth as well :smiley:
Hooray, I got 10 points with my first post here :wink:

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to see the finished product!

I´m glad you like it, Anders :wink: And thanks fo the tips you little blender-fellas. I thought that I could try to do something… hmmm. I don´t know. But what do you think If I make it little pit thicker and give it a rock-texture?

And off-topic: Anders, what opeth-cd is your favourite? must ask

And welcome to the blender artist forums and 10 points to you!

Is there good recource where I could find a perfect rock-texture? And Would mapping be better than image?

Hello, again. by the way, Is blenderartist-forum´s server full?

anyway, I went out and taked photo of rock. I made a little test with blender and I want you to say what do you think of that texture?
ps. There is one flat part in the rock and it ruins all IMO.


Hi Eaglebreath!
Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:
It’s hard to pick a favourite album, but I think it’s a tie between Blackwater Park and Still Life, they both have incredibly beautiful melodies and dark brutal brutality. Mikael Åkerfelt is an incredible vocalist!

I like damnation and ghost reveries. Those albums contains many sad songs(mostly on damnation). I love åkerfeldt´s grunt but I love his clean vocals, it is so beautiful sound!