Question about GameBlending...

I’ve been modelling with Blender for some time now… and also browsing these forums unregistered… Anywho… i’m wanting to start making a game w/ blender… just a simple one to start out with of course… Does anyone here know of any tips/tutorials to help me get started with game making with blender?

Any reply is appreciated… thanks has some files/info to learn how to use blender, and the engine.,.

read here.,. :stuck_out_tongue:

and check the BlenderGameKit online reference :Z

Thanks… i’ll check it out… but just in case it’s not what i’m looking for… could some continue to post some links? thanks

check out the thing up at the top that says: Blender Games/Demos/Tutorial list!

Ok… wonders why i didn’t see that

i’ll check it out

It happens to anybody :wink: