Question about grease pencil and bone rigging

I have not really made the dive into grease pencil yet. I am wondering whether it can do what my other 2D animation program does. If it can, I would like to use it. If it can’t I’ll stick to the other program for 2D animation and use Blender for 3D.

Is it possible to make a 2D shape out of bezier curves (or curve points) and apply those vertices to bones? In other words, I would like to apply some of the points (vertices) on the shape to certain bones, and other points on the shape to other bones.

I would also like to weight the points so each bone can influence certain vertices differently.

Also, is it possible to create pose morphs for the 2D shape (just for the vertices, not necessarily for the bones).

Thank you.

If this can be done, I will be off to