Question about hard surface modelling and n-gons

Im modelling several hard surface models (robots) and adding bevels we all know that a lot of ngon faces will appear, my question is, if i dont plan to deform the mesh when animating and im not going to use any subdivision modifier (its going to be a parenting with empty groups) can i keep those ngons or i will have problems when animating or exporting to a game engine?

I know that for organic models and non flat surfaces ngons are a no no. And i always avoided ngons. But now that i started modelling hard surfaces, im really confused about this.

Thanks in advance.

if you do that n-gons at hard surfaces without any mesh deformation there shouhld be no problem because if you import that hard surface models with n-gons in a game engine the game engine usuall convert that n-gons to triangled faces. If that n-gon surface is flat and looks good before importing in the game engine there sould not be any problem…

Well, yeah that is what i was thinking but i needed to be sure before i start making changes. Just making bevels there is no way to avoid ngons sometimes. Guess i will do some test in any case to be sure. Thanks for the info.