Question about helix object

Hello, I have made a helix object. I will change the objects color in game. Hence, I have splitted the spiral into pieces but after splitting them (they are all created as new objects in blender) the way they look is changed. I want them to show up like one object. Like one spiral but without connecting the parts i have splitted. Is there a way to do that? It looks really ugly right now.

I hope I could explain what I mean.

Thank you!

Edit: I have solved the problem by just right clicking the parts and selecting “Shade Flat” it looks great now! Thank you!

use the screw modifier !

happy bl

Hello, thank you very much for reply.
I have tried to use screw modifier actually it looks the way I want right now but it will not work for my game because I cannot modify all the parts color individually. For example at the bottom I have colored 2 parts (red and black) I want to be able to color every part I have splitted (there are 240 parts). When I use screw modifier on first helix part it creates this purple thing which looks great but it doesn’t do my job. What should I do?

Thank you again!

do you have repeating pattern along the parts helix ?

could make one turn then use an array to make an helix !

otherwise might have to do it manually !

happy bl

I have solved my problem by right clicking to the parts and choosing “Shade Flat” everything is great now. Thank you very much for help :slight_smile: