Question about interiors?

Ok, I’ll try to make the best sense of this that I can.

I’m working on a game project and I’m making the interiors of a level. The thing is the normals are facing the inside of the objects because the player is going to be on the inside and so thats the way the textures are facing.
But heres the problem,… I’m in vertex paint mode trying to paint details on the inside of the object, where the textures are. When I rotate the objects while they’re textured I can only see the interior of the objects, not the outside, which is good because I’m designing levels and thats what I want. But when I try to paint those inside surfaces the brush paints the outside faces instead because the outside is still the outside regardless of the normals facing the inside.
So is there any way to paint through an object so I can paint the visible inside surfaces instead of the outside?

Hope this makes sense. and I appreciate any help.

I see the same problem. It seems to be related to the view you are in. In orthographic view, no matter what I do, I can’t paint on a face when another face is in front of me. But it works for me when I switch to perspective view (numpad 5) and zoom in enough to the face I want to paint on.