Question about lattices?

Hi every one! I’ve never been too much into rigging… So I deceided to start a bit more rigging and I started by something simple : a bouncing ball. I used a lattice for deforming the ball (stetch and squach) but when I rotate the rig, my ball becomes more squarish… Anyone knows how to correct it?

And here is my .blend file!

Hi there! Me again!

I found out the problem!

You see, lattices have interpolation of their influence : the default setting is BSpline. It give good stretch transformation, butthe rotation will look squarish! (Like in the picture!)

The rotation will look better in the linear interpolation but the stretch transformation will look steppy… The best I found was to simply make a denser lattice and let the interpolation in linear mode. (21 subdivision instead of 3!)

For those who have the same problem in the futur, you can find the interpolation in the property pannel in the object data… (The logo that look like a mini lattice!)

Hope you’ll find it usefull! ;-D