question about lightmaps


I know there’s a way to make something similar to lightmaps, but I’d like to know if it is possible to render to a bitmap with the lights setup one could have, etc. into a uv mapped texture.Like the lighting rendered to a tga.
So to pick this bitmap as if it was a texture, but containing only the (rendered) lighting/shadowing information.

I followed a tut, but was not succesful for me, and also, I’d like it not be vertex colors based, but a pixel rendered thing.

I have other tools (ultimate Unwrap) with which I can copy uv coords existing in channel 1 into channel 2, and then remap channel 1, so , the only thing I need is blender being able to render this lighting and shadows info into the texture (like render to texture, but only that info) put in an uv mapped mesh.

It’d be very powerful as Blender has several types of lightings and much more tweaking than the standard bsp point lights, besides a good render.

I don’t know if I explained well (excuse my poor english)

what you mean is texture baking of lighting information? AFAIK this is not possible right now, though i might remember having seen a script somewhere for that purpose… maybe have a look in the python section of these forums.



Actually I was searching for this :

but couldn’t remember in which forums did I saw it.

the fact is I never knew if the script was finally ended.

(also, sometimes I forget even my own posts %| )

Seems ideasman had a problem with floats or something (I am not a programmer)

Lightmaps are absolutely useful for videogames (at least made with other engine than Blender’s )

I’ll may try that script now, I hope it’s at least usable.

Can lightmaps be baked into vertex color without scripts in Blender ?

Yup, just press the Make button next to VertCol in the Editing window (F9).


Thanks, Theeth. That´s very useful.

AH-HA!! ive been looking for this function for a while! thank you!

%| Anybody have any idea what they’re talking about? %|