Question about makeing a pic visable so you can trace around

(jboss) #1

I have seen some tutorials that show a person editing a screen and there is a picture is the background that they are tracing over. How do they do that? I have a picture of a face that I would like to outline all the feachers. Thanks. :smiley:

(ookami77) #2

You can set a background image by clicking on the button that looks like a small eye and setting the background image to some jpeg of your choosing or you can apply an image to a plane as an image map by clicking on the Texture button (looks like cheeta fur) and setting the appropriate image that way. The image map may require some adjustments in the materials area (button looks like a red ball). Hope this helps.

(VelikM) #3

A second method that lets you apply several views to work from, by using planes is described in a tutorial at it’s ‘Adding a texture to a plane for rotoscoping’ The tutorials on the page were all made using Viewlet Builder.

(jboss) #4

Thanks to bolth of you, It helped

(phlo) #5

never forget the shortcuts: :slight_smile:

getting into the settings: SHIFT-F7
getting back to normal view: SHIFT-F5