Question about making Xbox 360/PS3/old style textures

I’m an unreal engine 4 and Blender 2.8 user currently and I want to create textures that look pretty much like this (this texture style is mostly seen on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC games from around 2009-2015 I think)
Is the key to this texture style just low resolution textures or is there more to making this style work?
How would I go about this, does anybody know?

A key to pre-pbr-post-pixel-shader textures is to bake ambient occlusion into your diffuse.

They generally had to cheat lighting in a lot of ways since pre-pbr shading methods still had a lot of blind spots. Crysis and Halo 3 don’t properly show specular highlights under shadows, for example. In Halo 3’s case the spec highlights are dimmed to a grey, and in crysis’s case, there just straight up isn’t any specularity at all under shadows.

Another thing to do is to slap a generic cubemap onto everything. Pretty much all games did this to avoid/ circumvent the problem I outlined above. And the cubemap itself is usually not a texture of reflections of a specific location, but something like an illustratory nonspecific highlight. Like this. (This is from Halo 1 don’t use it lmao)



Hi again, How do I bake ambient occlusion into the diffuse map?

I use “bake” colloquially in this case. you could literally just hand paint black shading over it on a low opacity. Hell, the more you hand paint stuff over photosourced textures, the more 7th gen it looks.

Like if you check ripped diffuse textures from the Dead Space series, it’s all painted over photobashes.

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Do you have any recommendations to where to get textures from?
(sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions I’m just starting out in 3d modelling and texturing and I’m trying to grasp all this stuff lol)

If you have a phone, just take pictures. There’s always and aggregate sites like it too.

Look mate, textures are just pictures of stuff. You can paint em, you can take em yourself, you can find em, just make em look good