Question about matchmoving

I’ll get straight to the point. Let’s say I have a video where I’m holding a wood block in my hand, pointing it like a gun. If I tell the match moving program to track the block of wood which acts as the so called barrel of a gun, can I import the movement data into blender thusly that I can put another gun into the guns place, without manually having to rotoscope every frame of block movement?

In short terms, if the block moves, the gun moves accordingly on the final composition. I don’t intend to do anything complicated, just regular pointing with the gun.
Is this possible?

In principle thats possible.
there are however many variables that may make it more or less difficult.
here are many videotuts on tracking with syntheyes:
there surely is somewhere one about objecttracking.

and geting the data into blender is also possible in principle.

there are scrypts flying around and some of the matchmoving software also have blender export capabilities. but it may be necessary to write/adapt your own scrypt.