Question about Matierials

Hi gang

I am getting along with blender ok, but I am still having substantial problems with the matierial editor. So I am having problems creating designs on an object, eg…grain on the piece of wood. I was wondering LIGHT WAVE has a thing where you can import a picture and that becomes the pattern on the object. (IT imports any image file,) Where and what is it called when you do this on Blender.

PS I am looking for some good space station matierial. any ideas?

Image texture. Just use the image type and load the image. You can place vial many coordinate spaces including UV.

in the texture buttons, try the ‘noise’ procedural texture type and add a wood procedural texture to another layer. that might make it.

Thanks all!

I feel kind of dumb, I posted this question then found the “texture editor” and figured out pretty much all of my questions
Thanks again
BlackManta :Z