question about merging animations in NLA


A single thing I wish to do just for learning practice: I imported a walk cycle mocap and want to ad some waving motion on top of it. I think i somehow managed to do it once, but then restarted and from then I can’t.

I put the actions into NLA tracks, waving on top of the repeated running track (btw can I switch them? alt+f didn’t do it).
running (the mocap) has keyframes in everything
waving has only keyframes for one arm.
What it does: starts running, then while waving the running stops and the resume running.

What i want is to blend in the waving.
If I silent the channels for the arm in the running action then it more or less does what I want, but it’s not a blend.

What is the best approach in this case?


here’s a great tutorial on that very thing…

Thanks, I watched this, but for me it’s working differently. I assume this is because my mocap animation has keyframes for the hand… or
i don’t know…