Question about mesh going over unconnected vertices (pic)

Hello im just begining with blender and im making a building that should be in a game engine.

because im trying to save some polycount i filled space between windows from top to down
and and its unconnected to vertices in red circles. my question is if its badly done or could make some mess and i should make two planes from it or its ok

i have experience with bsp map editors for quake 3 and HL2 and this is something completely different :smiley:

thanks in advance

first go into edit mode and select everything (A) then in the tool bar find the tab Remove doubles. look at the message bar at the top to see how many were removed if any. next still in edit mode and face seclect mode. Select the face you have highlighted and delete it. Then highlight all the verts should be six total and create a new face(F).

hi, thanks for reply. its made exactly how you said, but i probably explained myself badly. i thought if i should model like this
where all faces all conected

or this where its filled only by vertices at planes 4 edges, but its not connected to rest of vertices on top and bottom line

just wondering if it could make some mess later with texturing or shadows/lighting
saw some tutorials here and there and they basicly extruding everything and have a lot of i think unnecessary meshes and could reduce polycount. just want to model things proper and clean. maybe it doesn’t matter…