Question about meshes

Hey guys. I was just wondering, can you copy a mesh from one file, open another file, and then paste the same mesh in the other file? If that confused anyone, I am very sorry, lol. Anyway, just wondering because I accidentally did a mesh in a seperate file, and I dont really want to redo it. Thanks guys.

Yes, it’s on the file menu called Append. Navigate to the file the object is in, you’ll get a list of appendable data types (basically anything: lamps, materials, meshes, etc.) Select the OBJECT not the mesh. The object will bring the mesh and any materials you may have added along with it. Needless to say, you might want to give your objects reasonable names first, or you’ll wind up choosing between cube, cube.001, cube.002, plane.002, plane.004 and so on.

Great, thank you very much!