Question about mirroring

Hey is there a way I can make a mirrored image and how do I make one side shaded and the other side wire can someone answer both my questions please?

And is there a difference between the knife cut tool or is the same as Ctrl+R?

Can anyone help me?
Or do you know what I’m talking about ?

  1. Place 3d cursor on plane you wish to mirror about and press “period” to set your pivot point to the 3d cursor.
  2. in object mode with your object selected press alt-d, this makes a linked copy.
  3. press ctrl-m and select your axis. You should now have your object and a mirrored linked copy.
  4. select the draw type of one of the objects to wire
    F7->Draw Panel->DrawType->Wire. Now when in solid mode “z key” this object will still be shown in wire frame.


You can also do this in edit mode.

  1. select the mesh you want to mirror.
  2. press Shift-D, to duplicate.
  3. press M, to mirror. select the axis you want, then TA-DA!
  4. to join the two mirrored halves together, place the seams veeeeeeery close (zoom in and see that all the vertices are overlapping)
  5. Press the RemoveDoubles button.
    To see if it works properly, select all the vertices along the seam and see how many there are (it will be displayed somewhere in tht top right part of the screen) AFTER you remove doubles, select all the vertices along the seam. It should be exactly half. If it’s not, it means the seam isn’t perfectly straight, there may be a few vertices you will have to do by hand.

To make one shaded, the other wire (I assume you want it to render this way) DO NOT do step4 and 5. You’ll need to keep the halves unconnected.
Create the material for the shaded half first. Apply it to one half. Make a new material, based on the 1st one, then apply it to the other half and PRESS THE WIREFRAME button. then each half of the mesh will have a seperate material, one that will draw shaded, one that will draw wireframe.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Greybeard thats what I was looking for. Gr8RedShark, you know you can just move the mirrored image relatlivly close and size the vertices on a X or Y axiz depending on you view. I wanted the object to be wire and shaded in blender not a render. thanks anyway. There is still one question what is the knife cut tool is it the same as the loop cut tool?

If you mean that shift-R and ctrl-r are the same commands as those available under the k popup menu.


you can also use material groups to assign different materials to the object.

  1. Go into edit mode (TAB)
  2. Select the vertices you want to be “wirey”
  3. Go to Edit Buttons (F9)
  4. in the “Link and Materials” group, under materials, hit “New” then “Assign” (this will assign a material to just these vertices)
  5. hit “Select Swap” (inverts the selection, now your non-wirey vertices are selected)
  6. again, hit “new” then “assign”
  7. go to materials/shading (F5)
  8. select (or create) the non-wirey texture
  9. back to edit buttons (f9)
  10. under materials again, hit “Deselect” (or just hit ‘A’ in 3d window)
  11. use the slider that’s just above the “new” and “delete” buttons to choose your other group (hit the left arrow)
  12. hit “select” again (selecting your wirey vertices)
  13. back to materials/shading
  14. select or make the wirey texture (and of course, hit the “wire” button)

done. hope that helped. - though I’m a little unclear as to what you’re asking for - so forgive me if I’m off track :slight_smile:

here’s a blend:

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