Question about modeling clothing

Hey guys,

I have been granted an opportunity to model some clothing. But I have never done clothing before and these are the type of clothing I need to model. (not the exact same models).

I want to know if you guys know where I should start. Is there a trick for modeling clothing that is different that objects and hard surface modeling? I am a bit overwhelmed by this project.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

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I have done a little clothing with some success. A common technique is to get a human mesh, perhaps from MB-lab or makehuman, and then use physics to wrap a mesh around it. You can search for ‘cloth pinning’ to find the technique.

Another technique I liked was to create a rough shape, add a subsurf modifier and then use a shrinkwrap modifier (again around a human mesh) with a decent offset. After I’d got it close I’d apply the shrinkwrap and edit manually.

I also remember trying using the shrinkwrap technique with a big offset and then using cloth physics to let it settle on the human mesh.

I am not very experienced in this though so I’m also interested to see what others have to say.

Look at this addon:

What I would do is not that different from @JRRRRRR’s way.
Get a human mesh.
On the mesh select the parts that the cloth will cover.
Copy the selected parts then scale them a little.
Make them as separate objects.
Start editing then at last add the cloth physics.

@alborz I realize I’m returning to the party a little late but figured it might still be helpful, or helpful to anyone searching who finds this thread.

I was recently trying this Hair Tool add on for blender (it’s phenomenal) and I saw the author also had this:

While I haven’t tried it, the hair add on is so good I’d be pretty confident to recommend anything by this author.