Question about modelling with curves and surfaces.

-They way I see it, a NURBS curve, particularly a cyclical one, is not too useful until you can “fill it in” face wise with respect to all it’s boundaries to make it a surface.

-With beziers or NURBS curves, how do I do that (while still in curve mode)? There isn’t too much more point using bezier curves or NURBS curves if you cannot fill them in without using NURBS surfaces or mesh planes to model from anyway. Help, anyone?

-I can’t yet find a way to permanently join to NURBS surfaces by two vertices and all of one edge in common. If I select cyclical mode, the surface(s) only proceed through one other, not outwardly about via a looped, outward or inward surface journey. Apart from moving surfaces and vertices into position at coincidence, how may I achieve true joining and commonality of vertices and curve edges?


If you want to fill a curve You use the 2 D button in Date - Shape panel…See Picture.

A circle in edit mode copy it rezise it…Below…When You click 2 D button it will get surface…You do all the Edit in 2 d Space.

And use the Shape and Geometry panel to make it 3 d.

2 viewport:

Geometry Panel: Extrude - Bevel - Both…Below: Shape Panel: Fill

This is just bassic…Have a closer look in Geometry and Shape Panel.



-I am particularly already in the know about these. The issue with the first example is that when I click 2D, I can only get a parsimonious 2D surface. If my bezier cyclic has shape through all three dimensions, I can’t get fill to generate a parsimonious 3D surface.

-I have heard from someone that missing NURBS surface support, like the ability to do intersections, unions and differences between two nurbs surfaces, the ability to do 3D surface fill, the ability to join and merge edges and points from 2 separate NURBS surfaces, etc. Won’t likely happen for blender untill a separate party from the Blender project manages to do it, or they simply take the abilities like this not presently supported from another open source project. What is happening in this regard? Will there be more curved mode support for the next version?