Question about multiple animation setup..

I have this problem where I animate my character and place it in a location of the scene. Then I make a new action and place the character somewhere else. When I go back to the first animation the character is now dislocated and the animaion is very distorted, like the character is walking diagonally upwards in the air etc. I can find no way to reset this.

How exactly do I go about making lots of animations for my character being and doing things all over the scene?

I have tried placing a locrot key frame on the root of the armature in the first frame of an animation to “pin” it for that action, but for the next animation I usually move the armature in object mode or something, and I am not sure what is correct…

If I animate everything in pose mode and keep the true location of the armature object at the same zero location for all actions, would that be better?

Can you post a blend file with the issue and also explain exactly what keys you are hitting to create a new action and animation. For instance can you replicate it with just a cube?

Ok, after a lot of fiddling I found out that I had mistakenly deleted some strips in the NLA editor, but that is now fixed.
The “Blend” is a huuge mess at the moment and is not desired to upload…

After much research I can find many others with simliar main problems, but little good advice.

As mentioned I have this character which will have a few generic animations that I want to play at different locations in the scene. Now I have made the animations in the center of the scene with a zero object location and zero root bone posemode location. But when I duplicate the action for use in other locations, I can move the root bone in place and everything looks good until I actually rotate the root bone to get the character in the correct direction. Then the character gets distorted because many of the bones have individual settings for rotation inheritance, and thus they will not follow the root correctly. These inheritance settings are made because the armature is copying rotations from BVH files with different proportions to acturally create the animations tracks. After careful keyframing I can disconnect the BVH from the armature, and the armature is left with its own animation without problem.

Another reason for this setup is that the BVH files are not perfect. They have some weird bends in some animations and jerks/bone flips in others. Also I have tons of other bones in the character armature that are not present in the BVH files. That is for later facial animation and muscle jiggle.

IF I went and directly made all main bones FK with full inheritance, the final animation retargeted will look really off, because of difference in length of legs to the hip, and the swaying of the spine and chest will not look right compared to the other movements (trust me I have tried).

I am now at the point of scapping this idea and rather go buy a green screen and record actors instead…

Is it perhaps possible to duplicate the main action and bake it fully to FK so it behaves more like an imported BVH that you can scale and place anywhere?

Ah! I answered my own question!

Baking was the answer for me :stuck_out_tongue: