Question about my hardware setup ('I'm a blender newbie)


I’m about to take my first step in using Blender and I’m wondering if my hardware setup is adequate. Here’s the list:

Dell Inspiron PC: AMD R2700X, 16Gig ram, 256Gig NVME SSD, 512Gig M.2 SSD, 1TB HDD
GPU #1: AMD RX 580 4Gig (Viewport)
GPU #2: NVidia Quadro M4000 8Gig (Rendering)

My question, and I know I’m not really there yet since I’m still making my first acceptable donut :wink:, is how complex of a scene can I render with this system?

Very complex :smiley: or really simple :scream: - all depends on your CG skills, mostly knowing how to optimize DCC to your budget. Basically & best to get acquainted with your system is to look around for demos - whatever game runs on your system or whatever digital scene you can render, such complexity you can make yourself.

I’m more worried about the 8gig vram being the limitation. I have no idea, yet, how that 8gig relates to an actual render. I know that, as a beginner, I probably won’t hit that limit for a while, but I’d like to see what size/type of render could be achieve and how much vram was necessary to render them.

First you don’t need separate video cards for view port and render.
Second don’t waste money on Quadro (unless you plan to do some heavy work in CAD or other software that can utilize it). Something like GTX 1070 going to heavily outperform Quadro M4000 in rendering.

I was given that Quadro M4000 from a friend, so it costed me $0. It’s just that it has twice the vram than my RX 580 has and I have a spare pci-e slot so why not use it until I can save enough $$$ to upgrade to something better.

in that case sure however in scenes under 4gb rx580 might be actually faster to use

I’d gladly upgrade to an RTX 2080Ti, but since that GPU cost about the same as two of my monthly mortgage payment I’m not really ready to make the jump. Beside, as this thread title says, I’m a noob at blender so I don’t think I really need it for now.

My main concern is how do you evaluate the amount of vram a scene will need to render?

You observe stats:

  • Blender > Render / UV window > Top info bar > Memory used for rendering = “Mem:XXXX”
  • Task Manager (W10) > Performance > Dedicated GPU memory usage for each card
  • GPU-Z > Memory Used
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You’re good. The only thing I would recommend if you want to try simulations like smoke or water is to have 32 GB of ram.

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Thanks. I’ll get some.

If you are interested in working with Eevee, you try to get 8GB vRAM version.

I’ll probably end up getting myself a 2080ti, with an upgraded psu, for next christmas as a present. I’d go for an older 1080Ti but, funny enough, they sell for same or more than the 2080ti on newegg…

I thank everybody who gave me pointers in regard to my setup and what I should upgrade. I’ll try not to annoy the forum too much with my noob questions but I’m sure I’ll have a ton of the to ask in the near future.