Question about normals

follow ian hubert barbershop tutorial.blend (938.0 KB)

how would i go about doing this if i want to shoot a scene from the outside of this little envoirment thing, and then inside of it as well. i want to use this structure, but how would i accomplish this, if the normals are going to be inside out and stuff?

Actually, it’s difficult to say exactly without knowing what this scene was made for.

As I can see in the file it has a repetition of the same scenario with very small differences. All the lights are inside of the geometry and from outside you can only see a bit of the light coming out from a small aperture of the door in the “outside” scene.

By default, there’s no big deal with the normals as Blender treats all faces as double sided unless you decide not to.

As I see, the scene is set to work with cycles that specially only have problems with the back faces if you set your material to ignore the back faces… so, there’s no reason you could not do it.

What I don’t understand is why the scene is a copy of itself, inside and outside.

Also – in a lot of practical situations you discover that “the ‘outside’ set” and “the ‘inside’ set” – as in “theatrical or movie set” – works better when they are actually different sets! After building a reference model to show you how the thing looks “inside and out,” you build the actual sets more-or-less for each set of shots that you need to do, and make sure they look consistent. The needs of the shot determine the needs (and the extent) of the set … just like the movie “Western towns” that were just exteriors.

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