Question about parallel spot and volumetric light (and other volumetric rays)

I’m using Cinema 4D every day. Actually i want to put Blender into my pipepline. But i have problem to make some very simple scene (which is simple to do in cinema 4D since 10 years):
-) i want to create light which is VISIBLE and has PARALLEL rays (to create parallel god-rays effect)
-) i want to create spot but PARALLEL rays
-) is possible to create INVERSE VOLUEMTRIC effect ? (is light is behing object than full volume of object is generating a light not only borders, it’s look like object is shining a light from inside)
-) is possible to make some options like “make this object visible for this light or not” to include or exclude objects from lights rays?

Krzysztof Czerwinski

Hey dear Blender experienced user:) Is there any answer for my questions? I want to use blender in Motion Graphics and i need some solutions(i spend 3 days to find any solution and answers for my question from above…and nothing). Especially volumetric lights with parallel rays (not cone) is needed. And maybe is there some solution to make FAKE to create inverse volumetric (light rays are incoming from inside object not from behind object). Actually i’m trying to fake this with particles and motion blur but final effect is bad:(
Please, help me.
Kind regards
Krzysztof Czerwiński