Question about Particle Systems

Hey guys. So whats the deal with particle systems acting funny? (see picture below) I was adding some sprinkles to a plate (doing the Blender Guru tutorial) and ran into this strange problem. I can’t figure out why this happens, and was hoping somebody could shed some light on this issue.

Image with large number of particles to display the problem.

Also heres a close up of the object center. Notice the crowded particles.


Without seeing all the properties in the blend file try adding subframes in the particles properties and bake for accuracy.

Didn’t seem to change anything, but I noticed something strange while messing around with it. You can change the order that the particle effect is applied with other modifiers. I moved the particles to before the subsurface modifier, and it seemed to fix the problem. I wonder if it is just that simple, or if I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone know if the order that particles are applied in makes a difference?

Order definitely makes a difference. I’m confused tho, are you emitting sprinkles from the plate? What is the subsurf being applied to?

The sprinkes are being emitted from the plate, and the subsurface is being applied to the plate as well. In the image you can see that the subsurface is being applied before the particle system.