Question about paths

I’m new to animating so this might be an easy question.

Here’s problem. I want this bone to rotate on a certain axis, and only that axis. So I made a path for the tip of the bone to follow but I don’t know how to lock the tip of the bone to the path.

Maybe theres and easier way then this? My model is a helmet with a metal hinge. here’s a pick.

Some alternatives to this are to:

  • In the Transform Properties panel in the 3d-view (NKEY), lock the rotation channels that you don’t want to be able to rotate
  • Add a Limit Rotation constraint, and set it so that the limits on the axes you don’t want are 0.00 and 0.00 and turned on; while on the axis you want, you either set the range in which it can rotate, or leave it off.

For the setup that you’ve got, what you want to do is this:

  1. At the tip of this bone, add another bone. Make sure this new bone isn’t parented to the old bone.
  2. Apply a ClampTo constraint on the new bone, and make that use the path/curve you created
    3a) Add a TrackTo constraint to the original bone, pointing to the new bone. Fiddle with the axis settings until it works right
    3b) Alternatively, add an IK-solver constraint to the original bone, pointing it to the new bone.


Thanks, that first method worked nicely. But in case I need to in the future how do I track a bone to another bone? I can track it to another object but I can’t figure out how to track to a bone.

By using the TrackTo constraint. What you do is:

  1. In the OB field, type in the name of the Armature-Object that the bone you wish to point to belongs to
  2. In the BO field that then appears, type in the name of the Bone that you wish to point to

Alternatively, you could use an IK-solver, and do the same thing. Just remember to set ‘ChainLen’ to 1. :slight_smile: