Question about Polygons

HI all,
I have three questions;
First I’m working on a project that has some what of a minimum for the amount of polys used is there a way that I can keep track/count of how many polys are being used on the current project?

Second; How do I join, bound, etc. the polys to reduce there number? I have tried the “join mesh” but it has a minimal effect.

Third; Is there a way to work with the vertices so I can close open areas, so that say a 6 sided cube is a 6 sided cube and not 5 or 4 sided. I’m looking for a way to flip, rotate, or manually move them to close open places.

I know the are very big questions but I have not found any of them answered in the manual or any where else.

Any help would be great.
Thank you all

for number 1: in the top right corner, there is the total number of verts, faces, etc of the scene. If you go into edit mode, it will show the total for that boject.

second: not totally sure on what your asking. There is a decimator slider on the edit menu, which will reduce the number of verts in an object, although the results aren’t too desirable.

no answer on the third

Top right on Blender window there are Ve: Fa: they tell vertices and faces currently shown when in Object Mode, and of current object in EditMode
They show only visible, so hidden layers are not counted.

You cannot.

By joining you can at most remove double vertices and double faces, that’s all, and can indeed be minimal.


you can use the ‘decimator’ slider. this merges faces and vertices very efficiently.

Do not exaggerate or yor model will loose its shape.

Select 3 or four vertices, F KEY makes a face

Not so big :slight_smile: And they are answered on the Manual, but don’t worry, we’re here for answering :stuck_out_tongue: