question about pressing button and many more in BGE...

greetz im a 2.49b user having some questions as below,

im trying to make a ‘mutual animation’ in which the animation is triggered only when 2 characters are staying close to each other, its like a throwing system in fighting games. can we do that without using any python thingy? tried with parent actuator but with bad result, the enemy wont ‘stick’ automatically to the thrower hands, so the player must face the enemy in a correct angle before triggering the throw action ( face exactly towards the enemy for exmple)

i made some box props where a player need to move them before he can passes through a passage. using parent actuator resolve part of my issue,n i manage to transform his standing animation to pushing idle animation, but he wont face towards the box unless if i manually do that before i trigger the pushing action. basically what tricks are involved to force the player face towards certain props when they picking, pushing etc?

i want to make a button which a characer need to at least face right in front of it before it can be pressed, tried with near sensor but it can be pressed regardless of where the player is currently facing… ??

I guess you can make an invisible cube in front of the character. If you have collision with someones ‘cube’ then he is near enough and he is facing you so you can do the animation.

But you can get much better results with python.