Question about Python importing

I was recommended to post this question on this forum, on the chance that i will be more likely to receive an answer. I have multiple projects that have been worked out in orthographic views in a CAD program that i would like to bring into blender. how would i go about doing so? I tried the regular import, however i recieved an error saying that it could not be imported. I also tried the Python import, and that seemed to work, however i was unable to located the imported file in the 3D view. Where would it load, and how would it load(a solid unchangeable object, or something similar to a plane with no faces but edges)? One person suggested looking at the face/vertex count to see if it was imported, before importion using Python, i had 2 objects the camera and the lamp, as well as 0 vertex and 0 faces. The importion report was “done in 0.1 seconds”. After importion i had 0 vertex and 0 faces, and the 2 object disappeared counting at 0.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

for dxf support look at
the answer for you is there

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately i am still experiencing problems with the .dxf import. i installed the new script which didn’t seem to have an effect. The test file i was using is within viable units, the overall size is about 4 feet, with the scale in feet, basically it should import then as 4 blender units. when i import using the regular, i receive an error about code, and using python, the camera and lamp are also deleted like before.

please post your question in the DXF-importer thread:
i could better support you if you send me this problematic DXF-file per email.

Sending you the file might be the best solution, however i would need an e-mail address to send it to. I will also post on the dxf import thread.