Question about Quads & Triangles

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t do it.


Where is the picture?

i dont beleive blender can handle Ngons yet, one day i hope

Not in blender, it doesn’t support N-gons. The maximum number of vertices per face in blender is 4. What’s wrong with making it like this:

      __ __
    /|  |  \
   / |  |   \
  /  |  |    \
  \  |  |    /
   \ |  |   /
    \|_ |_/  

Ah I see now.

Because the shape is supposed to fold in the middle. I guess I’ll have to solve this in another way.

Thanks for the answers.

Um… all you guys relize that since 2.35 we’ve had N-Gons???

They are called fgons… select the triangle and quad and hit “f” and choose yes to “Make FGon”.

But really, you are better off keeping it the way it is, why does it need to be different?

A plane can only be defined by 3 pts, which is why quads are split into 2 triangles…

Generally, making Ngons only complicates matters and makes your mesh harder to control, so unless this is just to make it “prettier” for your screen, you are better off leaving it in quads and triangles.

Yeah, F-Gons just group faces together so they are easier to select. It’s not true N-gons.

Anyway, my solution, if you wanted a fold in the middle and didn’t want to have any triangles, you could have done this…

      __ __
    /   |   \
   /    |    \
  \     |     /
   \    |    /

I will try that… thanks Metsys

“It’s not true N-gons.”

There are no true N-gons…

Even a quad polygon is really just 2 triangles.

Try taking a quad and then jacking up a huge vertex way higher than the rest… you’ll get a wierd 2 triangle face.

The thing is that unless you are working in 4D or higher space, in 3D the only way to define a plane is by 3pts(you can have more but they have to be co-planar).

I guess my point is that there are no true N-Gons, because they have to be reduced at some point, and also that you are going to get NASTY side effects when trying to use an N-gon that has non- Co-planar vertex’s, because you are going to get wierd faces that you werent expected and have no control over because it is an Ngon instead of triangles/quads.

Blender can now do fgons, select both faces and press F.

All true. Avoid anything but quads in blender, as the subserfing algorithm is optimized for them, and does terrible with anything else. Metsys has the right idea…

The “fgon” feature of blender isn’t really n-gons, all it does is hide the edges from the display. They are still treated as their underlying tris and quads even in algorithms like Set Smooth and Catmull-Clark Subsurf, where ngons would actually make a big difference. All they’re good for is cleaning up the display in edit mode.