Question about referenced scenes?

I’m new to blender, but an old pro at the commercial products out there with some teeth (xsi, lightwave, maya, max). I’m actually pretty impressed with blender in general. I used it a few years ago, and pretty much hated it for its’ interface. The current incarnation of blender has come a long way, however, and I’m now using it at work for basic 3d stuff, as our budget doesn’t really include 3d programs (too much money spent on Avid Adrenaline systems ;). But as I’m getting deeper into the program, i’m actually considering not purchasing the new version of XSI to upgrade my copy. I have one question, though. I know there is the “append” ability, but is there a true scene-referencing system? I basically NEED the ability to have a single source scene for each character with its’ setup, and just load each reference into a scene to animate. I know I can do THAT in blender right now, but I need to be able to change that original reference scene, and all of the animation scenes update. I hope that made sense. :slight_smile: If there’s a decent workflow for this, even if it’s not perfect, it’ll be enough for me. Any ideas?

In the Append databrowser header you can choose to either append or Link. Linked data cannot be edited, only in the home file.


Ah, that may just be the trick I need. =)
I’ll have to play with it and see if i can break it. :wink:

If it holds up, my next animated short is gonna’ be blenderific.

Thanks a lot, Fligh %.