question about render blender/yafray

i find it a bit anoying when i set up the lights exact how i want it and then do a testrender with blender internatinal it looks fine.but then when i swich to yafray its all dark. is there some sort of calculation for that.
for example " the light value of blender int +a amount = value of yafray?"
or do i have to find it out by a number of failing renders and hours of wasted time :<

thx in advance

Well, what kind of lights are you using? You also need to have the set to Raytraced lights instead of normal buffered lights.

Yes, you may need to tweak the settings of the lamps for yafray, but you should still see something when you render.

You may also want to use the Cached Pathlight option for GI lighting too.

Hope that helped some.


hey thx for the reply, this is the blender int. render

I used 2 lamp lights outside the picture cause i have 2 walls ,1 at the camera position & 1 on the right side. above the fly a spotlight ,above the pc 3 spotlights ,at the door 1 spotlight and in the right corner a spotlight.
on the elevator 2 hidden spotlights.

im kinda new to blender got it 2 weeks now so i dont know what you talking about that “cached pathlight option…”
but i will search for that .so there’s no consistant calculation for this?