Question about render layers

Hello everybody. I just need some help with render layers. I dont understand how to use them. In my scene, I have the Blender logo. I want to isolate the Blender logo on its own render layer so I can add some cool things to it like a glow. The main problem I have is that I don’t know how to set the background to transparent. When I isolate the layer with the Blender logo, the background is rendered with it. I don’t want that to happen. Solutions?

Put your logo on its own layer then enable that layer for its render layer and everything else on its own layer

See attached example blend. Logo on layer 2, everything else on layer 1. The lamp is on both layers.
Then create 2 render layers set to just render layer 1 and one to render just layer 2

For a transparent background:
Blender Internal - In Render / Shading panel, set the Alpha to transparent
For Cycles - In the Render / Film panel, enable Transparent tickbox

See tutorials


logo_layer.blend (112 KB)

Okay, I understand it a little better. I set up the render layers just like your example and it still isn’t working. If I don’t have all of the layers selected when I render, the logo won’t show up but then the logo appears in both render layers. I have the first render layer to render everything except the logo’s own layer and the second render layer just renders the logo. But the logo appears in both render layers regardless.