Question about replies....

Hey I was looking at my posts lately and I noticed that no one seems to be replying to them (or hardly anyone). Have I offended anyone that they do not want to see my work? or do I need to update more? I need the c&c and I love this forum. has helped me more than I can say in my journey towards becoming awesome with blender. I started with blender in '96 and for a while I quit then I decided to try it out again. I was very amazed and excited at the improvements of the program and now I can’t even fathom using another (more expensive) program!! Blender is awesome and I will probably never stop using it.


Maybe you’re not interesting.

try dancing, or twirling fire batons, or jump roping :smiley:

YESSS… THATS IT!!! A dance routine… that ought to work.

thanks for the help.


Shake it!!!

not like valarkings mother though, thats just disturbing (but she earns a good living from it anyway)


er? I was thinking more like broadway. :slight_smile:

what about belly dancing?