Question About Runtime saving...

If I made a game in blender, would the individual that downloaded the runtime executable have to have python installed, or is everything… packed into the executable…? do I need to include python24.dll or what???

For a windows .exe, you’ll need to include the Python2x.dll and SDL.dll from the Blender directory in Program Files.

You can just have these in the same dir as the .exe file.

And it will work on any windows PC even if python isn’t installed…?

Yes - that’s what I’ve done in the past when I’ve made a zero-g space simulation - Just included the exe and the 2 DLLs (Make sure the python DLL is the right version, if you’ve upgraded from Blender 2.3x to 2.4 then you may have both Python23.dll and Python24.dll in your blender directory.)