question about saving UV face layouts (2.5 beta)

I recently finished modelling this character for a project I was working on and just finished unwrapping the mesh. Anyway, I am kind of stumped as to how I am supposed to save and export the UV image to an external program (i use GIMP). I haven’t had a problem with this in previous version 2.49b because you would go UVs > Scripts > Save UV Face Layout. But now in 2.5 beta, that button has seemed to disappear or maybe it was moved somewhere else. I don’t really want to jump back to 2.49b just to save my uv layout, plus I want to get used to using the new interface of 2.5 Beta. Any solutions?

In the image editor window use UVs / Export UV Layout. In the browser window that opens up, select the format from the drop down box on the left hand side (.svg or .eps)

Thank you, Richard! This is exactly what I was looking for! However, I forgot one thing… Where is the option to change the size/resolution of the image so I can modify it to something like (2000 x 2000)?

The svg and eps formats are vector formats so you should be able to set whatever size you want when you import it into your image application. I believe by default with the size and resolution it would come in as 1024x1024. You could also try creating a texture of the size you want and see if the UV export picks up on this size.