Question about scaling objects abount other objects


I have been wondering about something related to scaling objects for a while

the thing I really like to figure out is how to scale an object while respecting another object

if you add “text object 1” to a scene
you can modify its offset extrude and depth to give it a 3D shape
setting these settings to .5 you get you started great

the next step is to duplicate this text object and change the settings of this new object to .7
resulting in the duplicated text object being warped around “text object 1”

this is the result I’m after while using complex static meshes
without using modifiers like solidify

I been trying to mimic this specific way of scaling objects without the use of modifiers and have not found the proper solution so A is blender supporting this type of scaling and B if so how to use it properly

thx alot



I’d be curious to know the answer to this one, too. I’ve been modeling with Blender for about four years and the best I can do is scale piecemeal to get the effect you’re talking about… if I understand what you’re describing.

You are talking about outlined text, right?

I followed your instructions, but all I got was a mess. Not sure what effect you’re going for. Care to post a screen shot or a .blend?

the values of the text settings are example values.

if you imput them the text will become a mess for sure

here are some example proper examples

Create a new default text mesh
now go to options text properties (next to materials)
navigate to the Geometry tab

add the following values
Extrude: 0.1
Depths: 0.01
Resolution: 2

now move back to the 3d view port and make sure your in objects mode
duplicate the text object (shift + D)

and move it -0.1 on the Z

go back to the text properties
and find the Geometry tab again
Change the offset value from 0 to 0.01

and you will have the effect i’m when scaling complex geomitry :slight_smile:

I dont know the way to scale it in object mode because of one pivot point, but in edit mode set pivot point to individual Origins and scale as you want.

OK, the correct values help to demonstrate what you want to do.
In its basic form, what you want to make is an Inset.
Make a new text object, convert it to a mesh.
Select all front faces of the letters and press I.

You’ll notice the crosses of the T and t do not meet, but that is because no cleanup of the geometry was done before insetting.
From here you could then Extrude the inner faces of the inset, then Bevel them, etc.

the inset feature is pretty handy for sure

it was not the thing I was looking for
but great for putting my attention towards this feature

will sure play around with it in the future :slight_smile: