Question about Sculpt mode and Mirror Modifiers

I have a problem with how I’ve sculpt a couple dinosaurs I’ve been working on. I was following some tutorials, but missed a few steps, and now I’m trying to find a way to reconcile the problem. What i’ve done is applied a mulitres modifier, then a mirror modifier; then without ‘applying’ the mirror modifier I went into sculpt mode and starting working on some details. The problem I’m facing is that, post-sculpt mode, if I apply the mirror modifier I lose all the details of the sculpt. If I apply the multi-res modifier first, then the mirror modifier, the sculpt details stay, but the model becomes unusable because it has far to many polygons.

Can anyone help me reconcile this issue, is there any way to save the sculpt detail I did, and apply the mirror modifier without applying the multi-res. My goal is to bake the sculpt details from the multi-res model to a low-res model.

Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

Get rid of the mirror. Either apply (as in press the ‘apply’ button) it or mirror the mesh manually before adding the multires. Just check that you have merge option on in the mirror modifier before applying, or remove doubles if you mirror manually.
You won’t need the mirror in the sculpt mode, because it has its own symmetry options.

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I realize now I don’t need the mirror in the sculpt mode, but I’ve already sculpted with the mirror on. Thanks for the help, I will manually mirror by duplicated and flipping?

Yes you can do that.
For manual mirroring you have 4 options if you’re using 2.66a: Symmetrize in sculpt mode, symmetrize in edit mode, duplicate & mirror in edit mode, and duplicating & scaling by -1. You could also add the mirror modifier again.

Symmetrize tool is on the tool shelf in sculpt mode and you have to select the direction first. In edit mode, symmetrize is in the specials menu (W) and you have to choose the direction afterwards (F6).
Easiest way to duplicate and mirror is to first snap the 3D cursor to the mirror plane, switch the pivot point to 3D cursor (period key), then duplicate the mesh in edit mode, mirror it by pressing ctrl+m and selecting axis (x/y/z keys). Same thing when scaling. After mirroring, select all and W -> remove doubles to merge the vertices on the mirror plane.

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Thank you very much for the options. I’ve tried to manually mirror in Edit Mode, and remove vertices. I’ve noticed I had to flip the normals to get my sculpt detail the same. I’ve removed the double vertices. However, there are 2 or three points when I go to object mode that extrude in all directions, however in Edit Mode it looks fine. Any ideas on how to fix that problem?