Question about Seaming

I have a question about creating seams. I’m a newer Blender user (who is now completely hooked, btw). To my understanding, seams are just an outline around a particular section of a model which Blender then ‘carves’ around to create distinctions in the UV Map image (sorry if some of my terminology is off). Here’s where I’ve had problems - when seaming simpler areas where the outlining points aren’t all interconnected, seaming works very easily. However, if the points on one side of a seamed section are connected to the points on, for example, the opposite side, Blender wants to seam those connections, essentially reducing my 1 seamed area into 4, 5 or more small seams. This is, of course, more frustrating on higher-poly models. :o I may end up with 90% of the seamed section intact, with lots of little triangles treated as seperate seams. Let me know if I can include a couple images to show what I mean, but I figured those with more experience would know what I was talking about.

So is there anyway to ‘unselect’ certain seams, or any other way to keep a larger area intact? It makes texturing much more tedious.

Thanks much


the control+e menu has a clear seam option, but I don’t think that answers your question

Alright… hold on, I’ll get some images.

Huh… you know by going back to get those images I actually answered my own question. I was selecting an entire area to seam (meaning all the points in between as well) with each face selected, as opposed to just selecting the outline of the area. So I guess when making a selection to seam, if any face is purple (selected) it will be treated as it’s own seam. Thanks anyways.


Okay, DKCO, good for you … glad you solved it … now, post those images! Complete the thought, for the edification of all the other people who are following this thread and waiting for “the answer.”

Please post the images that you originally promised, and elaborate on exactly what you meant by your previous post. Presto! A mini tutorial … to be greatfully received by the next poor schmoe :wink: :wink: who will have exactly the same problem you just did.

And… thanks in advance!