Question about selling 3D models online


I’m in college and want to earn an extra euro. I intend to sell my 3d assets on Turbosquid and Unity Asset Store, but have little knowledge regarding legal obligations, taxes and marketing. My assets are game ready (low poly, fluent topology, combined textures, collision, LOD groups, Lightmap…).I have thought through some of the following questions, but can’t find any good answers online, so why not turn to the best comunity there is. The questions:

1) Do you need to have a company or a business license or something similar to start selling 3d models online or can I just open a new Paypall account, submit assets to the store and then get money on Paypall?

2) What about taxes? In my country (Slovenia) the current tax raiting is 23%. How does this apply to the assets I want to sell on Unity Asset Store or Turbosquid?

3) Can I sell my assets as a hobbyist? Is there a limit to how much I can earn selling assets?

4) Do I need to contact the IRS (or any other state administration) and tell them that I intend to sell digital media online, so that they can tax me?

I have a portfolio + assets ready to put on the Internet, but first I need to straighten out this small confusion.

Thanks in advance!

here, speculations & assumptions are best what you can count on,
for any inquiries regarding legal advice you should consult with your local office/public service

& a reminder
to consider working on a professional level know what professional culture is (property, rights, obligations & tax…)
basic principle: it’s the state of residency & country of citizenship to which laws we are held responsible to

… or risk the ignorance, tho know - ignorantia legis neminem excusat

The funny thing is that I don’t know anyone doing this around here, so I have no one to physically ask.

Hi matjo15, you should contact IRS or the equivalent office in your country and ask them all this questions, they will answer you and explain the way you should do this.


I’m selling models on Turbosquid, Cgtrader, 3Dexport and other market places. Turbosquid and Cgtrader are the most popular ones among other marketplaces.

-You don’t need to have a company. You can model and submit your product. Make sure to look at the terms and condition of the marketplace which you are willing to sell on. If you are modeling the branded products(Samsung, Audi, Ford etc) you can sell them under editorial license. You don’t have to own a license from these companies. If your country supports paypal you can use it. Some marketplaces supports other payment option like wire, payoneer, skrill etc.

-For taxes, you can ask directly from the support to know how much the charge. It depends on the country you are living.

-Yes you can sell your assets as a hobbyist. There are no limit how much you can earn. But for a decent income, you need to publish quality models. At least 100 models. Make sure to setup your prices correctly. Don’t undercut.

-I don’t know about the IRS. Contact the support. They will answer to your questions.

Best of luck with your future projects.

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hi, if you are looking for selling 3D models. you have to try on indian based website. lot of opportunity you ll get.

what do i need to set up an acount thire?
does paypal avalavole ?

and @sawsrinath thank you so much for the info, i actually wanted to ask this questions that @matjo15 askid , but i didnt know where to start

Hi, browse around this site for 3D Models Yes, Paypal Available

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oh thank you alot for thim !!!