Question about setting up Inverse Kinematic and Pole Targets.


New blender user here and fairly new to modeling too.
I’ve been trying to setup a metarig on my character model for the past 2 days following this tutorial:

I am encountering 2 problems that I can’t figure out due to my inexperience/ignorance.

Both are related to the inverse kinematic and pole targets that you setup.

First problem, is that when I’m done and that I followed your instructions, The feet of my armature(Heel + feet) are detached from the shin bones.
So When I move the handle and try stretching the leg to it’s maximum, my feet keep moving freely.

I tried debugging it and here’s what I found:

the feet bone has the heel(handle) as parent.
the heel as the pole target as parent. (because we want the pole target to move with the heel)
So nothing is linking the heel to the shin.

Second problem, I select Heel and Pole target, ctrl + P -> Keep Offset.
I go to Pose mode, test it, works perfectly, the pole target is following the movement.
Go back to edit mode -> Select second heel and second pole target -> ctrl + P -> Keep Offset.
Go to pose mode, test it. Doesn’t move.

Grab the first handle, test it again, doesn’t move either.

I have a feeling these two problem are related but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Anyone has an idea?

I will post a picture of what is happening tonight as I am currently at work.


There is one tutorial that should be mandatory for all interested in rigging in blender.

Search for Nathan Vegdahl’s course, Humane Rigging. It will cover the issue you have and give you a solid foundation for future rigging problems and solutions.

If you have any problems with your rigging in that course, I’d be happy to help.

Good luck!