question about skinning aircraft

Hi All, I am mid way through my modelling project. I am refitting a Ju-87 with 2 flak 18 gun pods under the wing, i’m also changing the MG15 tail gun to a MG81z.

One final touch I want to do on this aircraft is change the skin on the outside of the plane. I have watche a few tuts on Uv mapping and texturing aircrafts, and it seems quite complicated. all the seam marking and projecting from view seems a little out of my league.

I was wondering if the model I am using has already been configured and tested in a game, how easy or hard it would be just to change the skin on the outside? (the model has been configured and ran successfully in Arma 2. I obtained permission from the author to modify the file.

The current skin on the stuka is like this:

and I want to replace with a skin that looks like this:

can the conversion be done without starting from scratch??


the best way to do this is by using multiple UV layers, with 3 of them ( top bottom side in this case ) ‘from view’ and one of them a normal unwrap using seams. Then you export the UVs for the projected ones, take them into photoshop or gimp, and line your UVs up with images from the same views ( don’t transform the UVs of course, but the images you want to paste onto them ). Then you will join those images with their respective UV layers via the UV window, and use them as sources from which to paint your normally unwrapped layer. I know this is what you are trying to avoid, and you are frustrated with it, but keep at it, because the alternatives will be even more maddening. If you get stuck, come back and we’ll help you get unstuck.

i appreciate your help… This is all greek to me! I am just learning modeling, and when i’m done the 2 models i’m working on, I will come back and try to learn how to do with what you suggested.