Question about snapping Maya vs Blender

Hey there friendly gurus, I am writing this post with a question about snapping in blender. There is a tool inside Maya with which you basically point click a side from 1 object and a side from another object and hit enter and basically it snaps the corresponding faces which you have picked it rotates the object if the face isn’t pointing towards the face of the target so both picked faces are touching, I am posting a video with demonstration of the tool inside Maya and the fastest way I can do it inside of blender which consists of picking a face on source object, setting the origin to the face I want then select the target and do the same proccess and finally using a free addon called Align Tools, I select both objects and hit 1 button to snap them together, keep in mind that the source doesn’t rotate like Maya. So my question is if there is a tool inside of blender which can possibly do something similiar to this or possibly an addon which can do it, thanks. And workaround using snapping and picking several of the options from the drop down can do the trick but there is still eyeballing to an extend and wireframe so you can see the bottom face and so on.

Video Demonstration:

Thanks and sorry for the long post, hope we get somewhere with this. :slight_smile:

Blender is known as a swiss army knife not only because there is one tool for everything but many (LOL). try this:

This is a really interesting addon, I will have a go at it right now and scatter around the different options but it looks quite promising. Thanks a lot!