Question about StarWars?

Why do Jedi need buttons on there light sabers? Could’nt the switch be internal, he/she could use the force to turn the lightsaber on and off? That way if an enemy (none jedi) were to gain possesion of it, they would’nt be able to use it?

See, it’s like the Render button on Blender’s interface.
It’s there to help you out 'til you learn about F12. :slight_smile:

Oh so Darth Vader Even after all the different lightsabers he had constructed still felt that he had’nt learned enough that late in his life that he still needed an on/off button? funny

Well ok, if there were no buttons, how would your friends use it to split open tan tans to stuff you inside and keep you warm??

Of course in real life it would make more sense if it was as you say.
Far more secure.

hehehe… Luke was weak, if he’d have fallen to the darkside he would’nt have needed Hans help… yeah that makes sense had forgotten about that.

… but really I cannot believe a guy like Han Solo did not carry a knife of some sort.

You know how it is in classic sifi. Even the simplest tool must use energy.
Nothing as mundane as a knife! All cutting must be done with light or plasma! Even if your just carving a potroast.

It’s obviously because of the safety hazard - if you bite the dust and your lightsaber’s still on, who’s gonna turn it off? People are going to have to carry it around carefully, and all the time the batteries will be running down.

what? light sabers use BATTERIES?

Yeah, Duracell give Jedis special deals on 20-packs of AA batteries.

It’s to indicate which side is up.
Because of the nature of the way the light is formed it only cuts on one side. To know which side that is there is an extra ‘button’ on the solid part.

It’s to indicate which side is up.
Because of the nature of the way the light is formed it only cuts on one side. To know which side that is there is an extra ‘button’ on the solid part.[/quote]
This was before the warning craze, otherwise they would have had a nice “this side up” label. :slight_smile:


Do not stare into the light without class 3 safety glasses
Do not use while drunk
Do not allow children to use unsupervised.
Illegal in all galaxys except far far away ones.
Do not store loosly in luggage, may accidentally activate.
Do not juggle
Do not suck on the end of it
Do not touch glowing beam

oh there could be lots of warnings on these things LOL

Warning This object is not an adult toy

Well, that’s what the button is for, you CAN touch the glowing beam, but only on the side where the button is.

          v- On/Off Button

 _______/--\___                      v- Harmless touchable side
| }     }      \---+----+ ------+--- --+----+----
| }     }       }    ...         .  ..           |
|_}_____}______/------+----+----+-+-+--- -+------  

                             ^- Sharp deadly side

No no no. The reason they don’t use the force to turn them on and off is because they fight with them. Just imagine: Darth swings. Luke blocks. Darth turns off Luke’s lightsaber…

But don’t they run for 20 years on 3 D-cells? Or is that the older models I’m thinking of?.. Yeah, the new ones have an organic power source, much like the midi-chloreans power the force.

Another warning for the list:

  • Keep out of reach of “Jedi who’ve turned to the Dark Side” and “Sith Lords” as well as “Evil Emperors” (oh, wait, they use lightning from their fingertips… nevermind on that last one…)

Couldn’t one use the Force to push the button?

Yeah Darth could have turned lukes lightsaber off at anytime and vice versus so thats not a good excuse

Or luke could turn Darth’s lightsaber off but then the cool fight would be a button pushing competition.

Maybe the button is a form of safety: You have to hold down the button and hit the internal switch with the force at the sametime. I think a safety would very necessary on a lightsaber. It would suck if it went off in its “holster”… especially as its bouncing around while you’re running. :o