question about text to curves need some help

If I want to use text to essentially “cut” holes in a closed curve how is that done? I have read about ALT-C and I can successfully change the letter to curves but when I place it over the closed curve, it does not create a hole like when I put a smaller closed curve over a larger one. Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong please? Thanks much.


Convert the text to a curve with Alt+C and then you need to join the curves together by selecting the closed curve and the converted text and pressing Ctrl+J

Thanks very much. Worked dead on perfect. Just needed to know to join the closed curve to the converted text. If you don’t mind a follow up question. My first question is referring to a 2D closed curve. Now, what if I create a 3D curve (I will extrude the 2d curve) Does this have any bearing on the cut out effect of the converted text? After this I won’t bug you any more. Thanks.